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Kundalini Yoga Foundations Teacher Training
Registration Form

Please fill in the form so we may better understand your needs and reasons for registering for this course.

All information is private and confidential, and will not be shared with anyone other than the trainers of this course.

First and Last Name

Spiritual Name (if you have one)

Date of Birth

Address and Postal Code

Email address

Cell phone

What guided or motivated you to enroll in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?

What is your intention, in terms of personal growth?

Which area of your body feels most contracted, or susceptible to injury or illness?

What emotions are difficult for you to experience and release?

Do you have yoga practice experience?  If yes, please give details.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice? (from any tradition)

Do you suffer presently or in the past from anxiety, depression or addiction? If yes, please give details so we can support you with specific practices.

Are there any significant or formative events from your past that you would like to share so we have a sense of who you are?

Please share a little about your educational background and professional interests.

What is your current occupation?

What are you most interested in learning about Kundalini Yoga?

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