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Program Details & Requirements

Program Content

This comprehensive 220 hour training includes in depth study of:

  • Yoga Kriyas, Postures

  • Movement, Form & Alignment

  • Meditation

  • Sound and Mantra

  • The Science of Breath / Pranayam

  • Yogic Philosophy and History

  • Physical and Subtle Anatomy – Western Anatomy, Chakras and Ten Bodies

  • Ethics and Responsibility of a Teacher

  • Business and Yoga

To maximize the full experience and benefits of this program, the following is required in order to successfully complete the course and certify:

  • Attendance of all weekend (unless exceptional circumstances)

  • 180 hours of in-person instruction

  • 40 hours of self-study, consisting of personal yoga practice/meditation and course assignments

  • Attend 20 Kundalini Yoga classes during the training program (5 may be online)

  • Completion of a minimum of one teaching practicum

  • Final exam with passing grade of 75% (accommodations provided if required)

  • Full payment for tuition received by the first day of the program.

Program Dates and Hours


The 10-month program will run one weekend each month in Okotoks, AB. 

Saturday & Sundays  8:00 am - 5:00 pm



September 21-22, October 19-20

November 16-17, December 7-8


January 11-12, February 8-9

March 8-9, April 12-13

May 10-11, June 7-8

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