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Private Sessions

Private sessions are offered for those who wish to focus on a specific area in their life they'd like to bring more awareness, harmony and healing with one on one instruction and guidance.

A 90 minute session is specifically created around your needs.

Working intuitively, we'll initially focus on the main areas you’d like to address first to build a firm foundation for healing,  for example, insomnia and managing anxiety.   Each practice is designed to include very specific breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and sound therapy to support your journey towards overall balance and well being.

Following each session, a summary of discussion, recommendations, a copy of the yoga kriya, breathing exercises and meditation will be sent to you to continue a home practice if you wish.

What would you like to improve or support in your life?

  • better sleep

  • lower anxiety

  • relief from depression or grief

  • help with addiction

  • emotional balance

  • enhance mental focus, balance and calm

  • improve memory

  • strengthen nervous system

  • build flexibility and strength

  • improve energy levels


Single 90-minute session

- $120.00

​​5 sessions

- $540.00 ($108/class)  10% savings

​​​10 sessions

- $960.00 ($96/class)  20% savings

​​20 sessions

- $1680.00 ($84/class)  30% savings




Payment Options

  • E-transfer -

  • Credit Card (additional 3% charge) Please contact arrange payment.

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