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Yoga Workshops

Abundance, Happiness, Prosperity

Attract, Allow and Accept all that you deserve...

True prosperity does not come from accumulating as many earthly possessions as possible.  True prosperity happens when our own being blossoms. Each of us has a unique gift to share.  When we walk the path of our soul's calling, known as destiny, this is prosperity.  Being prosperous creates contentment, ease in giving, and a trust in the Universal flow. In this flow, abundance on multiple levels (health, compassion, love, money, success, etc.) comes more easily to us. 

When challenges arise, we see opportunity for growth, we practice gratitude and trust in continuous flow.

Through kriya (sequence of yoga postures), meditation, creative expression and reflection, this workshop will guide you to a place of deep self-awareness, exploration of behaviours an d patterns that either support or hinder your ability to prosper and enjoy abundance in your life.



Sunday, September 8, 2019


Westminster Neighborhood Association

411-16 St. N, Lethbridge, AB

Investment: Sliding scale $30 - $45

Register: e-transfer to

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