Meditation & Gong Journey


7 - 8 pm

(starts Sept 14)

A deep healing experience to relax, release stress and tension and balance the  nervous system. 


Practice pranayama (breath work) to prepare for meditation, supporting the body to relax and the mind to quieten down. This spaciousness within the mind and body will assist you to relax to healing vibration of the gong during a 20-30 minute gong bath.

You may lie down or remain seated to receive the sounds and vibrations of the 28” Symphonic Gong.  

See more about benefits...

All levels of experience are welcome.

** Limit of 8 students per class**

​Location:  Studio ME,  102, 21 Elizabeth Street, Okotoks


Kundalini Yoga


7 - 8:30 pm

(starts Sept 10)

Kundalini Yoga is a unique practice that allows you to improve you health & fitness, as well as helping you clarify and achieve your goals.

Kundalini Yoga helps to strengthen the nervous system and endocrine system, and prepares your mind for optimal clarity and use. It enlivens your sense of awareness, and gives you greater energy to express your creativity.


Each class offers a unique experience, practicing breath work, kryas, meditation and relaxation.

Every month, we'll focus on a different theme...

September: Balance and Trust in Self

Kundalini Yoga classes for September are FULL!   Please email me if you wish to be placed on the wait list.

More about benefits...

All levels of experience are welcome.

​​​** Limit of 8 students per class**

​Location:  Studio ME,  102, 21 Elizabeth Street, Okotoks

What to bring to class

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please bring your own yoga mat and any other items to support your practice.*

Wear comfortable, loose clothing, preferably of natural fibre. Bring a water bottle, a yoga mat and/or sheepskin, something to cover yourself during deep relaxation.

For the Meditation & Gong class, you may want a blanket and something soft to support your head during the layout portion of the class.


Avoid eating just before coming to a yoga class. Ideally eat 2 to 2.5 hours before, so your body has time to digest the food before your practice.




I can't believe how many changes I am feeling since I started taking your class.  I am bursting with joy, excitement gratitude etc....  I have more patience and understanding for everyday life.  Please continue your path of teaching because you are making a difference in people's lives.

R. W.

Theresa has been a wonderful Kundalini Yoga instructor.  Her classes are always motivating, inspiring and challenging and I look forward to them every week.  She also has encouraged me on a personal level and supported me to practice Kundalini in my own space.  I even used the breathing techniques and strategies on my recent wedding day and it definitely allowed me to enjoy my day with grace and ease. I will continue to explore and practice Kundalini yoga for the rest of my life.  Sat Nam.   



Warrior Arts:  Kundalini Yoga. Martial Arts. Functional Alignment.