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Functional Breathing with Oxygen Advantage Breath Training

How well you breathe is a measure of  your overall health and levels of stress

The way you breathe dramatically impacts your physical and mental health, and overall performance. Whether you're a star athlete, participate in recreational sports or don't exercise at all learning Functional Breathing will literally transform the way you feel and perform.

Ways to tell Dysfunctional Breathing:

  • Breathing through the mouth

  • Upper chest movement

  • Hearing breathing during rest

  • Frequent sighing

  • Frequent yawning

  • Sleep Apnia

  • Paradoxical breathing

  • Easily noticeable breathing movement during rest

Copy of Between Mental Preparation and Breathing techniques..png

How this program will help you

  • Increase exercise intensity while expending less effort and breathing less heavily

  • Simulate high altitude training to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity

  • Improve energy levels, concentration, and mental focus

  • Become fitter and stronger

  • Reduce exercise induced asthma

  • Manage stress in the body

  • Improve sleep

  • Helps in recovery of long-haul COVID-19



The Oxygen Advantage Program follows a Two Pillar approach:

  1. Functional breathing pattern training

  2. Simulation of high-altitude training (IHHT)


More information about this international program can be found on Oxygen Advantage.

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