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Kundalini Yoga Foundations:  Teacher Training Program
Sept 2024 - June 2025, Okotoks AB

This program is for everyone, whether you would like to be come a certified teacher or wish to deepen your personal experience of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga Foundations is CYA-220 hour in-person program, which includes 180 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of home study/practice with a well-defined curriculum.

  • Immerse yourself in the experience of Kundalini Yoga; gain a deeper understanding of the subtle yet powerful Kundalini energy flow and the tools to develop Self-Awareness.


  • Learn and study supportive meditation and breathing techniques, and Kundalini Yoga kriyas and postures that elevate you to the next level of awareness, clarity and self-direction in your life.

  • Through individual and group practice, integrate the knowledge through experience.

This program provides a lifelong foundation for a successful yoga practice supporting those who long to deepen their sense of Self, connection to purpose and creative potential.


The program offers visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning opportunities and provides the foundation to teach specialized courses.


Benefits of this Program

  • You will receive a thorough grounding on all the basics of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

  • The program is a blend of lecture, reading, group participation and yoga practice to give you a powerful, deep experience.

  • The program is designed and scheduled to accommodate Mon-Fri work schedules over a 10 month period, supporting optimal integration of the practice into your daily life.

  • Personal guidance and feedback in key teaching skills will be given.

  • Train with experienced, professional and knowledgeable yoga instructors with over 20 years experience.

  • Receive accredited certification that meets the requirements for the 220-hours Canadian Yoga Alliance membership. Graduates receives 30% discount for membership.

  • Be ready and confident to start teaching yoga by end of this program.

Teacher Trainers

Theresa White (Siri Hari Kaur) is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. Theresa brings  over 25 years of experience as a yoga instructor and practitioner, and more recently certified as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Breath Instructor. 

Theresa weaves wisdom with personal and practical experience into her teaching style. Her delivery is down to earth, relatable and precise. With a healthy dose of humour, she has the ability to deliver content in a way that's easy to understand and integrate into day-day life.


Sat Kaur Khalsa is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer who has studied and practiced since 1990. An avid life-long learner in numerous healing and movement modalities, she has facilitated local and international teacher training programs as well as leading yoga retreats worldwide. Sat Kaur lives in Nelson, British Columbia and is passionately committed to support students in achieving their infinite potential through the gifts of yogic teachings. 

Testimonials from previous Teacher Training Programs


Siri Hari has decades of daily practice/teaching in Kundalini yoga. It’s hard to find a more qualified teacher in Southern Alberta. During my KRI L1 course, she also invited other teachers that were equally as impressive as her to increase our understanding in specific concepts. I strongly recommend taking this course if you are looking get deeply in touch with your spiritual self and help others to achieve it.

Joey C

This training program has transformed my life! It is the most comprehensive yoga training I've taken. The depth of the material and the extraordinary delivery by the instructors has given me one of the most precious experiences of my life.

Mel L

It was one of the most wonderful, eye opening and very informative session I ever had on movement mechanics and postures. All the checkpoints were valid and very useful in order to create stillness in my mind. Not only did Theresa simplify the postures but also hyperlinked supine and prone as well as standing ones. Now, I have more awareness how to set consecutive steps before performing postures gracefully with more power and effects.  She is like a calm lake with enough depth and kindness in her soul!

Rez H

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