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Integrated Movement

"According to the leading research on the primary movements humans did for locomotion and survival: standing, walking, running, and throwing were the four most important movements for human survival."
- Functional Patterns

Training sessions focus on posture, structural alignment and functional movement which integrates the body as a whole. We use only Functional Patterns protocols.


People often have commonalities in mobility problems and/or pain, but everyone is unique in how they arrived at their dysfunctions. Through individual assessment of posture and movement, we can identify areas of the body which require an adjustment/re-balancing.

From here you'll be educated how to create the most efficient structure you can using breath and guided muscle tensions.  Using our most important movement patterns of standing, walking, running, and throwing, we seek to say goodbye to pain.


Whether you're someone who's been restricted by pain or disability, or a top athlete, FUNCTIONAL PATTERNS training can improve your life.  See the real results for yourself from 25 countries world-wide.


So whatever your goal is;  get stronger, faster, hike more difficult trails, be able to pick up your grandchild, surpass the prognosis of a disability, integrated movement training with Functional Patterns protocols will help.  

Or if your goal is simply to live and move pain free, integrated movement training for you!



I thoroughly enjoy Mike's instruction. He is clearly passionate about his art, delivering instruction clearly and safely. Mike's wealth of knowledge and expertise, coupled with his enthusiasm for the art, guarantee an amazing experience every class.

Michael LeBlanc

  • Human Foundations Practitioner - Functional Patterns

Mike played competitive sports (martial arts, hockey, baseball) from a young age, and was no stranger to the bumps and bruises of high level training. But, then injuries became the norm rather than an exception.  Every season from the age of 16yrs was interrupted by some injury and rehabilitation time.  Nothing really changed as the years went on other than the injuries taking longer to heal.  Thousands and thousands of dollars spent with personal trainers, physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathic, TCM, and sports medicine doctors and 


From his early 20's onward the chief complaints of low back and sciatic pain were the norm.  Then he finally took the plunge and started the Functional Patterns 10 week course.. It was within the 2nd week that his low back pain began to lessen.  By the end of the 10 week course his pain was gone.  This allowed him to return to one of his true loves, training and teaching martial arts. 

Mike advanced his training with Functional Patterns in 2021 to become a Certified Human Foundations Practitioner with the goal help others remove pain & disability as a barrier to success and happiness.

Gord C.

I have really enjoyed learning self-defense from Mike. His instruction makes it easy to understand how to move, and why. I feel way more confident in my ability to protect myself after receiving classes. Thanks Mike!

Mary B.

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