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Facets of Training

The two main facets of training are:


Self-Preservation (Martial Arts) – the basics of how to survive and win a street fight. 


  • Survival of you and your family/friends, is the primary goal, and is dependent on the ability to escalate the level of violence one notch higher than the attacker you face.  

  • This includes a special Self Defense course geared toward youth, women, and children. 

  • Learn how to fight standing up (Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Wing Chun, Panantukan, and Pananjakman) on the ground (BJJ, Wrestling), and against weapons (Filipino Kali and Serrada Escrima).



Self-Perfection (Martial Arts) – drills and training methods which help develop your fitness and attributes for the fight. 


  • Include but are not limited to speed, power, agility, coordination, line familiarization, etc. 

  • Learn the ability to flow from a Self-Preservation drill to a Self-Perfection drill, and back again. 

  • Simulate how a conflict can go from, no threat, to mortal danger, and back to no threat (after attacker is neutralized or help arrives).

  • Train and practice how situations can change and morph without notice.

  • Learn TRUE Functional Fitness!! FUNCTIONAL PATTERNS is the only methods we use. Respecting our human blueprint through breath, posture, and bio-mechanics we build a body that will move efficiently (so you never run out of gas!), and athletically (so you win the fight and go home safe).

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